What Is The Healthiest Energy Drink?


With so many beverages converging on the marketplace, it's really not that easy to answer. First a definition for healthy must be determined, and then a way to apply the definition to energy drinks must be found.

Healthy means "concucive to good health"

It also means "natural and desirable" simple qualities that are hard to meet sometimes. Also in the formula is the personal health habits of any individual. Ultimately the individual that consumes the drink is responsible for his or her health. Even the healthiest energy beverage can be abused, just like coffee or soda. Ingesting too much caffeine and sugar is not conducive to good health. Each individual needs to find what the healthiest energy drink is for them.

Many of these drinks are very different from one another. Looking at a cross section of the energy drink market, we find some distinct differences in amounts of ingredients. Below is a table with the top 4 healthiest energy drinks in a recent head-to-head competition.

Drink / Beverage – Caffeine – Sugar – Calories

1. Verve – 80mg – 18g – 72

Comments: The only drink formulated from Vemma, an antioxidant nutritional supplement. Verve is loaded with many more vitamins than the other drinks including jumbo helpings of Taurine, 1000mg and Guarana Seed Extract, 200mg. Verve also comes in a zero sugar version and shots.

2. Xowii Energy – 50mg – 13g – 55

Comments: Contains RedKona cherry, an antioxidant.

3. Monavie EMV – 60mg – 22g – 170

Comments: Low calorie, acai berry drink.

4. ACT Energy – 0mg – 5g – 24

Comments: One of the only drinks that contains no caffeine.

The winners have more of the good, less of the questionable ingredients. It now appears that the answer to our question, are the highest rated healthy drinks that contain the most unquestionable ingredients. These include tons of vitamins, high amounts of taurine, low to moderate levels of caffeine, and low, or no sugar. Drinks lacking extra vitamin support and high sugar levels may not be your best choice in choosing a healthy beverage.

Ultimately, the consumer makes the choice In the article above we have tried to isolate the healthiest energy drinks and give you some sound reason behind the choice. But, as always, the final decision lies with the consumer of the drink. Hopefully, your choice will be one that is made from careful consideration and clear judgment. Remember, the energy for your goals comes from you. The boost you get from a healthy energy drink is the little extra edge you may need to achieve your dreams. Make a careful choice. For more in-depth information about the healthiest energy drinks on the market and how they can help you Click Here .


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