The Truth About Health Benefits of Tea – Healthy Drink


You may have noticed the various health tea products on the internet in recent times, and wondered just what, exactly; a tea can do for you? You may even be wondering whether the term health benefits of tea means anything at all, or whether it's just another way to part you and your money. Of course, the answer depends on the exact preparation you are talking about, but even conventional teas offer significant health benefits. Have a look at these surprising facts:

  1. Green tea, also known as Chinese tea, and most certainly a healthy drink, has been shown to help prevent, and slow, certain forms of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer, thanks to its unique anti-oxidants. White tea, another much lauded tea, from the same plant as green, and regular black tea, has since been proven to be more effective in fighting cancer than even it's better known cousin, which certainly makes it another healthy drink.
  2. By increasing a natural process called thermogenesis, which simply means the rate at which calories are burned, green tea, which is definitely a health tea, increases the metabolic rate, and speeds up weight loss.
  3. Tea, whether black or green, boosts immune function, which was proved during a study where two groups, one drinking tea, and one coffee, had their blood tested. The tea drinkers' blood tested higher for disease fighting T-cells, all important to our immune function. So not only is it health tea, its immune booster tea too!
  4. li> Reduction in stress is another proven effect of green tea, probably the ultimate health tea out there. By decreasing stress hormones, the production of cortisol, and reducing the likelihood of clotting, tea effectively stresses levels of rising, and reduces the risk of heart attack, so common among stress sufferers.

  5. Green tea fights bacteria and viruses, but this ultimate health tea has also shown itself to be effective against snake bite venom! Amazingly, a compound in the tea is effective in treating a number of different types of snake bites, and an extract made from this compound is used to treat bites, particularly when the snake species is unknown.
  6. Last on our list, but certainly not least, a study at UCLA has proven that tea drinkers, whether black or green is their preferred health tea, are less at risk than those who do not drink tea.

With all these and more benefits in black, green and white tea, it becomes clear that the term health tea applies not only to the newer types of super tea out there, but the more common varieties as well. And with so many benefits from the humble tea leaf, would it not also be fair to say that all tea is health tea? Of course, there are many other specific health teas out there, with varying claims and efficiency, however, if ordinary, run of the mill tea can do so much, and more, is it not entirely plausible that there are more health teas out there , that can do other amazing things for you?


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