The Lemonade Diet – Finding the Right Process For You


There are individuals who have used the lemonade diet and have found that the ailments that they had disappeared. Many people felt that they had received a miracle cure for their ailments. It has been stated that the lemonade diet is by no means a miracle cure for anything; it just helps remove the toxins that are believed to be the cause of many diseases.

It is always a good idea to research anything before you decide to become involved in it. There has been lots of research done concerning the lemonade diet. Stanley Burroughs, who was the author of the Master Cleanser, had no medical knowledge or experience. The Master Cleanser became known as the lemonade diet. The guideline for the master cleanse was very strict and contained many flaws that could only be discovered by trial and error.

Once people began to use the master cleanse, the complaints began to be reported. Many of the complaints were discovered to be the side effects of using the lemonade diet. The taste of the salt water flush and the laxative tea were also reported complaints. The results of the salt water flush and the length of time it takes before one can leave home is another complaint. One of the main complaints is not being able to ingest food while on this diet. The idea of ​​going 10-14 days without eating solid food steered many people in the opposite direction, but there are those willing to try anyway.

Some individuals were able to complete the recommended time of ten days while others stopped less than halfway through the process. Many individuals feel that Glickman's version of the master cleanse is more helpful than the original version by Burroughs. It is said that Glickman's version provides step by step instructions to help an individual complete the lemonade diet and also explains what one can expect through the cleansing process.


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