The Lemonade Diet – A Simple Weight Loss Plan


This plan requires you to drink water mixed with maple syrup, lemons and a little cayenne pepper. It states that you are to simply drink at least six to twelve glasses of the lemonade mix per day. This plan suggests that when an individual feels hungry they are to drink a glass of lemonade.

It has been stated that this lemonade mix can use cold or hot water depending on what the individual desires. It is also suggested that this diet last for at least 10 days to receive the best benefits from it. It is said that the lemon works as a cleansing agent and the water keeps it moving through the system. It is stated that the maple syrup is to provide all of the calories needed to keep you going throughout the diet.

Many people have found success with this diet but there are also a few pitfalls as well. There have been reports that have stated that this diet has led to individuals becoming anorexic and developing other eating disorders. There are those who feel that this is a starvation diet and that trying to maintain any kind of function at all would create serious problems. It has also being stated that because this diet offers no protein it is not a healthy way for an individual to maintain proper cell growth. Many people would have difficulty maintaining the strength and energy needed for daily living with solid food.

It is stated that due to the risk factor involved in this trip, it is very important to see one doctor before doing anything. Many people decide to take the risk whether their doctor agree or not. Some people believe that they know what is best for them. They believe that what is best for them is to use the lemonade diet because they believe that the rewards will provide better results.


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