Slim Fast Diet Explained


Some diets tell you to eat as much veg as you can, others suggest eating single foods, some suggest reducing the amount of carbs you eat. The Slim Fast Diet is simply a milkshake. There are so many diets around these days its hard to keep track of who thought of what and when. So lets take a look at this popular diet that people seem to either love or hate, some people say its a con, others say it changed their life.

What is it

The basic principle is simple, you replace to of your daily meals with Slim Fast Shakes, which are accompanied by a nutrition bar and two pieces of fruit or veg and you eat a normal meal at the end of the day. Your evening meal can be whatever you like as long as the portion is not too big. Well, that is the theory. When you are actually on the diet, you will see that your evening meal is the only time you actually eat any decent food. The shake provides you with vitamins and minerals but not enough energy for people with busy lives.

As well as the shakes you are recommended to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day to help with the weight loss. Dieters are also suppose to exercise, but with so few calories its a wonder where you are suppose to find the energy to exercise. But, if you can find the energy to exercise it will rapidly increase the speed at which you lose weight, which means you don not have to spend as long on the diet. People complain about buying two shakes a day and bars. We would say that it works out at about the same cost as full meals.


The main problem with this diet is that it is quite dated. All new diets and weight loss pills these days come with a plan and support. With the Slim Fast Diet you are just given a load of shakes and bars. Some people like the flexibility of that, others struggle to keep motivated. This diet is quite simply an expensive low-calorie diet. Its a way for a big company to make profit. If you can stick to eating smaller portions then you do not need the slim fast diet.


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