Popular Weight Loss Programs


There are many reasons today why people are in the "fitness race". Some want a sexier body while others want to remain in shape, fit, and healthy. Whatever the reason, there are many different types of programs out there all over the nation. Some programs available are way too expensive that one might lose weight just by trying to come up with the money to join the fitness club.

With the market being flooded today, it can become confusing and frustrating about which program to choose. So before choosing which weight loss plan to try, take a look at the following brief summaries of some of the most popular weight loss programs on the market today. This is only a few of the more popular ones. There are hundreds more more available.

The Atkins Diet by Dr. Atkins – In this particular program, you will find that it suggests high protein and low carb intake. You will be encouraged to eat lots of vegetables and meat, but eliminate bread and pastas. Fat intake is not important so butter and salad dressings are allowed, however, grains, bread, and fruits are very limited.

Dr. Goor's Choose to Lose – This program is a pretty healthy plan. It suggests restraining your fat intake. You are given a "fat" budget and it is your choice how you spend it. Carbohydrates, meat, poultry, low-fat dairy products as well as seafood are all OK in this program.

The DASH Diet – This program is made to help lower your blood pressure easily. It follows the food pyramid guide and describes eating more whole wheat grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Some think it is too much eating to produce any weight loss, but again, it mainly benefits those wishing to lower their blood pressure.

The Pritkin Principle – In this program, the focus is mainly on eating watery foods that make one feel full, like fruits and vegetables, pasta, oatmeal, soups and salads. Low fat dairy products are also encouraged.

The Zone – This particular program encourages a low carb diet with a high protein intake. Fish, chicken, fruits and veggies and grains are a big part of this program.

Weight Watchers – This is a very popular program that has been around a long time and many members enjoy the benefits of making their own meal plans. Basically the dieter is allowed a certain amount of "points" each day and is able to choose what he eats based on the amount of points allotted. It is a very healthy and flexible weight loss approach.

This list will help you to choose a program that fits you best. Whether you're trying to lose weight or drop blood pressure, any of these programs will.


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