Natural Bodybuilding Diet to Burn Belly Fat


Eating a natural bodybuilding diet to burn belly fat fast will complement your body-building routine to ensure that you will build muscle and burn fat. Not only will you burn belly fat – one of the most difficult areas to target – but you will speed up your metabolism combining the two.


Your natural bodybuilding diet should be high protein, low-carbohydrate, fiber, good fats and lots of water. The other benefit you will find is that your insulin levels will not suffer from the fluctuations normally experienced when you eat foods high in sugar or empty carbs. You will feel much healthier and have more energy throughout the day enabling you to carry out your exercise routines more efficiently.


We have all experienced that sagging of energy in the mid-afternoon. What you choose (or not) to eat could be the root cause of your lack of energy. Skipping breakfast, or grabbing something high carbohydrate along with a cup of coffee, can be a major contributor to the energy problem.

Carbs give a momentary jolt of energy, but this fades very quickly and leaves your body craving more nourishment.

Most fast-food carbs spike your blood sugar, but quickly leave your body calling out for more. When you don’t eat properly, your energy lags.

Try to eat smaller amounts 5-6 times a day also. That way you will boost your metabolism also allowing you to burn belly fat quicker.


There are a number of foods that promote fat loss and stimulate muscle growth and energy. A short list of these foods is:

* Oatmeal – This slow acting, complex carbohydrate laden natural food will keep you feeling full for hours, suppressing your appetite.

* Almonds – Good fats, protein and fiber.

* Protein Powder – A good supplement will boost your muscle growth.

* Olive Oil – One of the “good oils” can be used in cooking or on salads.

* Berries – Nutritious and high in anti-oxidants.

* Eggs – Reclaiming their title as natures perfect food. A good source of protein and low in calories.

* Beans and other Legumes – Good source of protein and fiber. Carb content is slow absorbing.

* Lean Meats and Fish – Great source of complete proteins (containing all essential amino acids). Fish is a source of Omega3 Fatty Acids.

* Whole Grains – No highly processed flours or meals.

* Peanut Butter – Organic PB has good proteins and oils. Do not buy the processed, sweetened varieties as they have either added sugar or high-fructose-corn-syrup.

* Green Vegetables – Good carbs and lots of fiber.

* Dairy – Calcium actually activates fat burning hormones. Yogurt is the best.

* Avocados – Good source of protein, fats and fiber.

* Hot or Iced Tea – The anti-oxidants in green tea are the best for you.

In summary, following a natural bodybuilding diet to burn belly fat which consists of a high-protein natural diet coupled with strength and cardio-vascular training will get the job done.


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