Maximize Fertility By Eliminating Non Natural Foods From Your Diet


It should come as no surprise to learn that what you eat can have a large impact on your fertility levels, and there before on your chances of a quick and healthy conception.

One of the areas of the typical western diet that's often overlooked, and which can benefit from an overhaul, is the eating of hormone-free foods and organic produce.

Organic foods are required for optimum hormonal functioning. Pesticides, hormones, and chemicals found in non-natural foods contain synthetic estrogen substances. These substances occupy the estrogen receptor sites, causing harm to our organs and endocrine system, and therefore deterioration fertility levels.

There are other benefits to a diet free from the unnatural pesticides, chemicals, and hormones found in processed foods. Food loses its natural goodness as it moves away from its source. An example of this that we can all relate to is fruit eat right from the tree it's grown on – it will always taste much fresher than fruit purchased off a supermarket shelf.

Most foods in typical Western diets have almost all their natural nutritional value eliminated from them as they are processed. Eating white bread or processed pasta, for example, is essentially eating processed leftovers – the majority of the original goodness in the wheat has been eliminated.

Another example is fruit juices, which are heavily processed and contain mostly sugar by the time they are consumed. Sugar can damage the spleen and lead to digestion problems. And kidneys do not escape either – they are damaged by the high sodium content of frozen meals. Canned goods, which often form the basis of Western diets, are high in preservatives and are almost absent from nutritional value.

Each of these negative effects can single-handedly decrease fertility. Their combined effect, however, can be even more devastating to those trying to become pregnant.

Dietary health can be improved by regularly eating fresh organic foods, supplemented with small portions of hormone-free meat and animal products. This is known as a macrobiotic diet and is the standard way of life in many Asian countries, where meals are made up mostly of fresh, lightly-cooked vegetables, rice, and small portions of meat.

Introducing a more macrobiotic-style diet can dramatically increase fertility levels, and those couples that have been struggling for some time to conceive should seriously consider making it a part of their lifestyles.


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