Losing Weight in America – The Acai Berry Diet Plan


With over 190,000,000 in America who are overweight or obese, it would be a great if there was something out there that could help us lose weight. There are so many diet plans out there such as Jenny Craig, Bistro MD and NutriSystem, but they are all too expensive for the average person to join. Per month it costs approximately $ 300 per person on NutriSystem, $ 400 to $ 650 per person on Jenny Craig, and $ 520 to $ 750 on Bistro MD. These are huge amounts! The average person could not afford such an expense to spend on food every month, especially when they have a large amount of weight to lose. It is no wonder to me because the statistics are high for people who need to lose weight in America. Do you need to lose weight?

If you fall under that category, as you can tell by those statistics mentioned above, you are not alone. I too have been struggling with my weight all my life. I would lose weight and gain twice the amount back that I had lost. I just seemed to be getting fatter and fatter. I must have lost 500 pounds in my lifetime from diets that have failed. Sound familiar?

I always get bored when I am on a diet. I get focused on it and then in a few months I lose interest again and go back to my same eating habits out of frustration. It is very frustrating to need to lose weight. As far as exercise is concerned, it seems to be very time consuming to most of us. Just the thought of going to a gym just seemed to make us very tired all of the sudden. Does this sound familiar?

Unfortunately, it is important to at least take a walk three to four times per week, even if it is for just 30 minutes. It helps your metabolism to work. When your metabolism is accelerated which is what exercising does, you will burn more calories. If you do nothing but sit around all day, your metabolism will become dormant and therefore, you will store more fat. I am sure most of you knew that already, but I thought I would just remember you that that very important fact! Are you one of many who do not want to exercise? If so, instead of going for a walk, turn on your radio or throw in your favorite CD, and dance for about 15 minutes a day. That would get that metabolism moving along.

Everywhere you look today you see the words "Acai Berry." What is it? It is a fruit that is grown on an acai palm tree that is native in Central and South America. Scientists have been focusing on the Acai Berry because of the potential of antioxidant activity. Does Acai Berry work to lose weight?

I researched Acai Berry on the Internet to find out if it is an effective way to lose weight. My research indicated that Acai Berry will increase metabolism, increase fat oxidation, fight fatigue and provide antioxidant support. It sounded intriguing. I found an ad on the Internet and placed my order. Placing that order was the one of the best things I ever did for myself. Finally, I found something that really worked for me and I knew it would work for you as well. I followed the Acai Berry diet plan and continued to exercise regularly and started to see the pounds melt off quickly.

When I started this plan, I did not believe it would really help me lose weight, but after two short months, I lost 30 pounds. Better yet, I managed to keep it off ever since!

We have come to the conclusion that dieting is hard, but when you participate exercise, such as dancing on a daily basis and using acai berries to help move that metabolism along, it is not so hard anymore! Just start eating a little healthier and try to say no to sweets and carbohydrates a little bit more and you can do it. I did it!


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