Lose Weight Programs – How Fast Can You Lose Weight?


If you have tried or studied many lose weight programs over the years, you may have heard about systems where you can lose a lot of weight quickly. There is, for example, the 3 Day Diet, which has actually been around for longer than the internet (though now it's all over the net, of course). This is an extremely low calorie diet that has you living on coffee and a few servings of protein and toast for three days. Then you have to eat normally for at least four days. Does this kind of diet work?

The problem with systems like this is that you are basically starving yourself, eating an unnaturally low calorie diet. This means that you will tend to overest at some point to compensate. This creates a seesaw effect, where you lose weight and then gain it back, similar to what boxers often do to "make the weight" in a lower category than is natural for them. This is not healthy, and it's not likely to allow you to lose weight in the long run.

What about diet pills? The latest trend is something called Alli Diet Pills, which naturally precedes your body from digesting fat. Not a good idea! Your body needs a certain amount of fat. People who have tried Alli Diet Pills know that there are serious side effects, such as dirrhea if you eat more than the recommended amount of fat. This may allow you to lose weight, but it's definitely not healthy.

Rather than try to lose a lot of weight quickly, you are much better off switching to a moderately lower calorie diet, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. Shortcuts like crash diets and diet pills may work for a short time, but they are not going to make you healthy in the long run. And is not that what the real purpose of lose weight programs are supposed to be?


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