Lose Weight Programs – 3 Critical Factors to Fast Weight Loss Success and Which Programs Fail


When it comes to lose weight programs sales hype often wins the day. However long term success and rapid natural weight loss are really the result of following the rules …

Best Diet To Lose Weight – The 3 Shockingly Simple Rules

Here are 3 very simple and proven rules you can use to pick out the best diet for you. They are tried and true to long term success and will help you shed the most amount of fat in the shortest period of time.

Fat Loss Rule # 1 – Avoid "No No" Diets

When it comes to diet failure nothing ruins success factor than being told no.

  • No Carbs
  • No Fat
  • No Sugar
  • No Milk
  • No Wheat
  • No Desserts

When you are told "no" and a specific food becomes forbidden, your mind rebels and begins to fixate on the one thing that you are not allowed to have. Fixation leads to temptation and temptation gives birth to binging. It is a downward spiral that no mere mortal is able to stop.

Diets that fall into these categories are:

  • Sugar Busters
  • No Carb Diets
  • No "S" Diet

Fat Loss Rule # 2 – Avoid Exclusive Diets

Akin to the "No-No" diet is the exclusive diet. Again instead of simply saying no to certain food items, exclusive diets have you sticking to only one food type or even a particular brand of products. Again the psychological reason for failure is almost childishly simple – you are told you can "only" have this, and what do you want instead?

That's right everything else that you can not have.

Diets that fall into this category are:

  • Grapefruit Diet
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
  • Ketogenic Diets

Fat Loss Rule # 3 – Make Food Your Friend Again

Any dietician worth their salt will tell you the only way to succeed with dieting is to make food your friend. Because food is essential to life and the drive to eat food is essential to survival, food can not be looked at as an enemy. It must be managed to be sure, but no food can be avoided. This is why the diets that have proven track records all USE food as a tool and are inclusive diets that allow for all types of foods.

Some diets are better than others at using foods to help boost metabolism and some are great at integrating normal foods and even fast foods and junk food into the diet.


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