Longevity Food?


Is there such a thing as longevity food? Is there one answer that can fit us all? Can we consume certain foods in mass quantity in order to live longer? Are these foods the same for everyone?

Many people are in the habit of jumping from one "fountain of youth" food to another, hoping to stave off aging.

Unfortunately, no such food exists. The main reason is that people have different physical constitutions and require different foods in order to stay in good health or to be immune to disease. It's much better to select foods that pertain to your specific constitution, genetic profile and susceptibilities (family history). A foods' longevity or "fountain of youth" factor really depends on whether your body needs it.

For example, if you're susceptible to hypertension you should eat foods that can either prevent it or lower blood pressure. According to Chinese medicine, those foods that would be good for a hypertensive constitution would include celery, peanuts, garlic, jellyfish, and seaweed. If you are susceptible to hepatitis you should consume foods that would help prevent this particular disease. Such foods may include malt, tea and button mushrooms. As you can see, these foods are not the same for each disease.

So, when you're reaching for your new "fountain of youth" food (that you may consume each day in larger quantities), ask yourself, "Is this food good for my specific constitution?" If you do not know or you would like an analysis, it is best to consult a professional that deals with this specifically.

Good luck and good health to you!


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