Little Known Ways to Improve Your Health With Food


People have now become more health conscious in recent times than ever before. They are constantly finding some or the other ways to improve their health and remain fit. However, apart from regular methods such as balanced diet, exercises there are few other methods of improving the health.

Firstly, limit the consumption of grains in food. Grains are responsible for increasing the body fat, because it contains higher amounts of carbohydrates. Next, increase the intake of food that has rich fiber contents in it, such as raspberries, broccoli, spinach, walnuts, cherries, turnip greens and collard. Consume meal prepared from these stuffs for not more than three times a week.

Holistic dietary approach stresses on cleansing the liver because, it is the vital organ of the body. To keep liver hale and hearty have a glass full of water, squeeze half-lemon into it. Drink this juice early in morning before having breakfast. Kidneys and bladders are the filtering organs, which lets out the harmful ingredients out of the body.

To ensure its smooth working, boil three cups of water and add handfuls of corn into it. Drink this natural tea and experience the amazing results. Drink this tea every fifteen days. Also, include food such as yogurt, spinach, milk in daily diet. Yogurt cleanses the spleen.

Food For Healthy Life:

Have Acai berries after food. It offers immunity against repeating ailments such as cold and cough. These small berries are commonly available in market. They are rich in oleic acid, sterols and linoleic acid that lower the cholesterol level. It also contains anthocyanin that is a powerful source of antioxidant. Anthocynain slows down the aging process by shielding the connective tissues of skin. It also repairs the damaged tissues by supplementing adequate amount of proteins.

Include sprouted foods in daily diet. There are numerous kinds of sprouts such as beans, alfalfa, broccoli, radish, mustard and so on. Sprouts are rich in minerals, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It contains 10 times more enzymes than vegetables. It reduces the menopausal symptoms in women. It follows other diseases such as osteoporosis and heart diseases.

Beet is another super food that has antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavenoids. They have low calories. Have sandwiches made of grape tomatoes. These tomatoes are actually hybrid of tomatoes and grapes, which contain good source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium. Grape tomatoes increase the immune system and give a healthy and glowing skin.

Other Dietary Sources:

People who suffer from hair problems can include asparagus stalks in their diet. Asparagus are rich in vitamin E, which reduce the hair fall and triggers the hair growth. In addition, researchers have often wondered as how French people live longer as compared to their western counterparts, although their food contains more amounts of fatty acids.

They came with the conclusion that French people drink red wine in moderation. Red wine reduces the chances of cardiac arrest and delays the blood vessels from clogging. It has antioxidant properties and depletes the fat level. So, include these less-known foods in daily diet and improve the health.


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