Kale Chips Are the Newest Health Food Craze


Raw dehydrated kale chips……. are they as good for you as they say? The answer is “absolutely”! Let’s start with talking about kale. Kale is, pound for pound, calorie for calorie, the most nutrient dense vegetable on the planet.

Dr. Oz has called it a “super food” and Whole Foods Market boasts that kale is at the top of their Andes Scale. A scale which ranks vegetables on their nutrient profile. Kale is high in calcium, vitamin A, C, K, lutein, and iron. It is also rich in sulfur which helps the body perform many of its functions and reported to help fight cancer.

Why raw and dehydrated? Food that is labeled “raw” must be dehydrated at a temperature under 118 degrees. This low temperature allows the food to keep it’s precious enzymes and nutrients which are usually lost during traditional cooking methods. The enzymes then are able make these nutrients more bio-available. That’s just a fancy way of saying that the nutrients are easy to assimilate and use.

Raw kale chips are becoming more and more popular and easier to find online and in stores. There are several flavors out there and I’ve found one of my favorites to be the vegan cheese flavor. It is made without any cheese, but tastes just like cheese. There is some combination of sesame tahini, red bell pepper and magic that makes these gluten free treats tastes absolutely yummy. You can put them on soups and salads or even mashed potatoes. For a sweet tooth there is a maple coconut flavor. Sounds unusual, but it’s really good. Somehow the flavors work together and I’m even able to convince my friend’s four year old to eat them.

Everyone loves to snack and snacking in a healthy way would be the best option. Raw kale chips allow for snacking while doing your health a favor.


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