Jusuru Complaints – What Are the Other Jusuru Reviews Leaving Out?


Jusuru is a network marketing company that is launching a healthy juice product. Life Blend, the name of their juice, is a “cutting-edge liquid nutraceutical that promotes healthy aging, active joints, and younger looking skin”.

To start letting you know a little about myself. I was exposed to the network marketing business at the young age of 24. I was introduced by a very influential and powerful business woman in my life. From that time forward, I have been mentored by some of the top producers and innovators in the network marketing business. I learned to watch and listen to successful people and to model my business approach from theirs. My experience in the industry has shown me that there are some valuable FACTS that can reveal whether a company like Jusuru can make it in this every changing network marketing industry, or if it will just become a Jusuru Scam, that will fizzle out.

Jusuru and Product:

Jusuru has a product that many of us might have seen before. This troubles me. The health and wellness niche is buzzing and people will pay for longevity and better health…but have we not seen enough juice companies?

We all know that in the network marketing business you NEED a unique product to get your company off the ground and I do not know if Jusuru has it. However, Jusuru Life Blend does contain a “multi-patented BioCell Collagen IIĀ®, rich in a matrix of joint and skin supporting hyaluronic acid, collagen, and chondroitin sulfate, in combination with exotic antioxidant-rich fruits from around the globe”. Because they are tapping into a new and cutting edge combination of fruit, this could set Jusuru apart.

Jusuru and Leadership:

What good is a cutting edge product without people to help distribute it…NOT ANY GOOD AT ALL! In the home based business world, you need to attract distributors to your opportunity quickly to get your company moving. However, it is KEY to attract BIG leaders and players who are already in the industry and who can create a buzz and momentum for you. If Jusuru can do this they have a chance to gain market share and stake claim in the health and wellness sector. If Jusuru does not do this, the road to FAILURE will be paved with good intentions! Without powerful leadership Jusuru has nothing.

Jusuru and You:

What good is Jusuru to you, or any NEW marketer? Jusuru, or any other company for that matter, is worth NOTHING to a person new to this business unless they have the TOOLS they need to market and build their business. I have sadly watched too many well meaning and hard working people fall on their faces at their first attempt at network marketing. Jusuru can offer you the best product and the best leadership, but if you do not OWN your business and get in the mind set of an entrepreneur, they you might as well quit before you even get started!

Yes, this is an industry where you do not need experience and yes, you can go from the bottom to the top quickly, but NO success is had in this network marketing industry without the knowledge of the market, the ability to generate leads and the power to build your business. Once you take on the role of an entrepreneur and make it your own you will open yourself up to a path of success. You must learn and hone your skills in personal development and marketing. By seeking knowledge and living your business like a TRUE professional, you will reap success, with or without Jusuru.


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