How to Make Diet Changes to Regrow Hair


In this day and age there still is not a definite cure for stopping hair loss altogether, but does this mean that you can not do anything about it now? Absolutely not! If you have been experiencing a loss of hair for any reason, there are a few changes you can make to your diet to actually get that hair back.

Eating right is not the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of junk foods out there that taste absolutely great. Even eating food in your break room at work is often tempting. Co-workers will stroll in with their carry-out meals from the local fast food diners and the smell will infiltrate the whole room. To regrow lost hair do not go down that same road as your co-workers.

There are plenty of foods to eat that can actually taste good and benefit hair growth at the same time. Hair will grow due to several minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Hair is 91% protein, so any protein-based food will be an excellent source. There are many of them such as steak, nuts and even foods like eggs that will give your hair growth a push.

Starting out on any diet is a challenge. I'm in no way saying that you have to give up all of your favorite foods. Try incorporating a few of the beneficial ones into your normal diet.

You may even try going on a raw food detox diet for about three days. This type of diet involves eating raw foods like fruits and veggies and avoiding cooked food.

Some people have stated that once they started the raw food diet their hair began to fall out. This is not to alarm you but it's a change that must occur in order for renewed hair growth to take place.

What your body is doing is getting rid of all toxins that you have built up from unhealthy eating. Any hair that falls out during this detox is usually replaced by healthier, thicker hairs. It's never really a ton of hair that is lost when this does occur, it's a gradual process.

If a raw food detox does not appeal to you, follow simple food rules and make sure you stay away from sugary foods. Not only are they fattening but they can result in a process called glycation. When this happens your scalps firmness is lost a bit and can result in a loss of hair.


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