How To Lose Weight


I honestly have tried many different diets. And the best one I would
recommend is the South Beach Diet. I've lost so much weight with this
diet – 15lbs! I would recommend it to anyone.

My journey began when I wanted to lose weight for Halloween (I wanted to
be a Chip n 'Dale). Anyways, I wanted to look good for that day and San Diego is a highly
competitive market with smart and attractive individuals. I mean, every girl
that night dresses up in lingerie and they're all unbelievably hot.

Anyways, the South Beach Diet is basically a low carb diet. Yes, I'm sure
you've heard it all before. But, I believe it is the best one out of all the low
carb diets out there. For example, some diets allow you to eat as much
butter and bacon as you want. However, these contain a whole bunch of fat
which is obviously unhealthy. While, the South Beach Diet which was
created by a cardiologist who was primarily concerned about his patients'
heart. See, his patients would come in for heart surgery, but it was difficult
to perform because they had a lot of fat surrounding the heart. He would
give them a diet to stick to so they could lose a lot of weight before surgery.
However, the patients were saying it was too difficult to stick to, even though
their life depended on it. So, he spoke to one of the nutritionists in the
hospital and they designed a diet together that was easy to stick to and help
patients lose weight before surgery. Well, these patients loss so much
weight that they started to recommend it to their friends and family and it
became very popular in South Beach, Florida. Later, Dr. Agatston, the
creator of the South Beach Diet, would appear on local television to give
advice and ever write a book.

Although, the South Beach Diet is very popular, I did modify it a little bit
because I did not have all the ingredients to make all the meals. For example
for two weeks straight, I ate 2 over-easy eggs for breakfast, 15 almonds for
my mid-morning snack, a chicken salad for lunch, 15 more almonds for my
mid-afternoon snack, a steak for dinner (no potatoes) and sugar-free jello for
desert. However, this is me personally, so you can do whatever you'd like.

Anyways, after every Halloween it's back to my same old diet – hamburgers
and fries! So, if you want to lose weight really fast, this is what I would
recommend, but do not blame me if it does not work out. Everyone is different
and you can speak to your doctor for the best approach for your diet.


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