How to Lose Weight With Your Rebounder Trampoline Workout Program


One of the most common mistakes people make when they start working out on a rebounder trampoline to get in shape and lose weight is failing to set goals.

It's a fact that goal setting when you're trying to accomplish anything, whether it's a new level of fitness or learning a degree or saving to buy a new car, will make a huge difference in whether or not you succeed and how quickly you succeeded.

Many people do not think it is necessary to set goals. Or they just say something like, "I'm going to lose twenty pounds", and leave it like that. Frankly, without setting goals, the chances of accomplishing that goal are limited.

Setting goals does not need to be difficult or scary. Rather, it should be a fun process that helps you to discover what you really want.

It is important to look at how to set weight loss and fitness goals. You can use the following guidelines for any situation though, just adjust them to fit!

You are thinking about rebounding other known as bouncing on mini-trampoline because you want to be in better shape. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you just want to tone up your muscles and get healthy. Start your goal setting by establishing the end result and work backwards.

What is your ultimate goal? Is it to lose twenty pounds by next June? Is it to be able to go to your class reunion wearing the same size you did when you graduated? Is it to get rid of the jiggly stuff on your arms, thighs and butt? You have to be very specific about your ultimate goal. You also have to be realistic.

Once you have your ultimate goal, how are you going to get there? Map it out.

Your first step would be to get a quality, well-built rebounder trampoline – one that is safe and provides a nice, easy bounce.

Next you will need to set a beginning rebounding schedule for yourself and stick to it. As your fitness level increases, you will want to adjust this to make your workouts more intense and longer.

You will also want to set goals where nutrition is concerned.

When you do these things, you are creating a map. It shows you how to get from the beginning to the end, and if you follow up, you will not be able to help but end up meeting your ultimate goal.

The key is to create the map of goals to reach and use that map as a motivational tool. When you reach a smaller goal that leads to your larger one, congratulate yourself and reward yourself. Then keep moving!

Weight loss and fitness, just like any other goal is something that is much more easily accomplished on your rebounder trampoline when you follow that map.


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