How to Lose Weight – Men – Diet Advice


If you are trying to lose weight men, the first thing you should do is get a physical so that you know where your health stands. Are your cholesterol levels too high? Is your heart ready for a workout?

Only after getting the all clear from your doctor, the next step is take measurements and pictures of yourself. Keeping close records of your progress will help keep you motivated. Next decide which exercise program will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

Now it's time for you to pick the diet to help you lose weight. One of the easiest things to change will be to switch from that soda to tea, or water. Keeping hydrated is important to overall health and sorry guys, but beer does not count.

The next step is to control your portions. This is essential when talking about how to lose weight. First, make a fist. This will represent the size of your portions. You should never eat until you are full, just until you are not hungry anymore. Eating slower helps as well, since it takes the brain about 20 minutes to recognize that you are not hungry anymore.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats are when you are trying to lose weight, Men. Eat your largest meal during the most active part of your day, but be sure to eat three times a day with two small snacks. You must be consistent with your eating and do not skip meals. Your body will think you are starving and you'll just end up putting on more weight in the end.

If you pay attention to what you are eating and the portions you are consuming the weight will slowly come off and you want a slow, but steady, weight loss. This is the most healthy and safe way to lose weight, men. Enjoy your end result.


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