How to Have a Successful Diet Plan


A study shows that women spend a decade of their life being on diet, however, a quarter of all women lose nothing at all. We are constantly on diet. But how many of us actually succeeded the diet. For most women, including myself, every time we begin our diet, we are so motivated and determined that it will succeed this time. We go to the gym and fill our fridges with fruits, vegetables and all the low fat food. But how many of us could last until we reach our goals or some might even gain more.
Determined to make changes to myself, I read a lot of articles on how to have a successful diet plan and to share it with u guys, I summarize all of them into a few points which I think will really help.

First of all, choose a weight loss program that is appropriate and suitable to us.
There are lots and lots of weight loss program out there. Low fat diet, low GI diet, atkins, southbeach diet, just name it. All with promises that their programs will work and I do believe they all will. We just have to find one that could fit our daily routines or our lifestyles and one that we could enjoy while doing it. For example, if you can not live without bread, rice or carbs, do not choose a low carb high protein diet, as you know it would not last long for you.

Tomorrow never dies
After you find the right plan for you, start straight away and do not make it as an excuse to eat more before you start. In my case, there's always tomorrow. I'll say to myself "I'll start my diet tomorrow !!" and since Tomorrow I can not have my chocolates anymore, I'll indulge myself in all sort of chocolates and ice creams and snacks even when I'm still full. But tomorrow never dies and there's always gonna be another "Tomorrow" and that's when we put on more weight. Therefore, try not to compromise, start the diet as soon as you can, be confidence and believe in yourself.

It does not mean fail when we cheat
There's always a time when we cheat during our diet plan. But it does not mean that we are already fail and for some people, they will think that all diets are useless and eat even more. When we are eating out or going to a party, try to eat food that can accommodate with our diet plans but if we can not and we have to cheat then it's also find. But do not eat the whole lot of it. Cheat a little bit and continue with your diet again the next day

Do not forget to be active
to lose weight more effectively, we have to exercise. I know for some people, this could be a turn off, but in order to maintain a healthy weight, exercise is necessary. Be more active in our daily routines is also another way of exercising. We could also join the gym but do not go too extreme too early. In the beginning of diet, people tend to overwork themselves in their exercise and this will make them get tired easily. Get tired of exercising and get tired by losing their energy. Another good option is try to have fun while being active. For example, join dancing classes, play some sports or even window shopping.

Do not weight yourself too often
Try not to weight yourself everyday. At least once a week. We always feel anxious when we weight ourselves and of course, after we work so hard to stay on diet, daily weigh-ins are tempting. But we could easily get discouraged if no weight loss is recorded and after a week, it is more possible to see a result. Another reason is our weight on the scale can go up and down daily due to fluctuations of water in our body, so we can not really based it as the result of our diet.

Make a weight loss diary
Research shows that dieters that write down everything that they eat, lose down twice as much weights as those people who do not. Make your own weight loss diary. Write down your progress every day and even your temptations and your sentences. This will keep track of your diet plan, make you more focus and more food conscious.


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