How to Diet For Six Pack Abs in 30 Days?


First a simple disclaimer. This article is not intended for those who have to lose 30 pounds to get fit and another 10 to become lean. Nope sir. This article will help those people who regularly exercise and intend to get six pack abs while losing few pounds (keyword here is few pounds not lots of pounds Ok).

If you have heard about the phrase "Abs are built in Kitchen", then you understand the implication of good diet program for your abs. The biggest problem any regular gym goes faces is when you want to lose last few pounds and opt for that washboard abs look.

The worse thing about this is, no amount of sit ups, crunches will help here. This is where your diet will come into play.

1. Cleaning up your diet – First step to start off your diet plan is to clean up your diet. No more beer, colas or even coffee. What I want to have you focus here is removing every junk food you have from your kitchen or office cabin. No more late night snacking, No more binging with friends on game days.

Make a Journal If you have to keep an eye on your eating habits.

2. Feed every 2-3 hr – The best way to stimulate metabolism is by feeding every 2-3 hrs. Eat good food including protein, nuts, some veggies and fruits. Eat complete, lean protein with every feeding opportunity.

Also not forgetting fats, eat healthy fats daily.

3. Cut down on your carbs – Now when you clean up your diet, you'll be cutting down lots of carbs. But I want you to check your diet plan and notice where you are eating extra carbs. Here's a carb rule – Eat carbs only after your exercise or workout.

4. Carb manipulation – You can manipulate carbs and get off few extra pounds by eating less carbs for 2-3 days and then taking some carbs. This way you are manipulating carbs and enjoying it's fat loss result.

Remember, Toned abs is a result of low body fat than building muscle. Diet and exercise plays and important role.


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