How to Cure Candida Quickly


The two main causes that upset the balance are antibiotics and poor diet. Prescription antibiotics are overused in the modern world. They are prescribed all too easily for conditions that do not even need them. Antibiotics wipe out your friendly bacteria that keep Candida in check, so there's nothing there to maintain the balance. This allows Candida to take over your body and grow rampant like a weed. Other prescription medications like the birth control pill, steroids, immune suppressing drugs and estrogen also encourage the overgrowth of yeast.

There are a number of symptoms that can give an indication of a Candida infection which include skin complaints, poor appetite, insomnia, poor memory, depression, apathy, confusion, muscle weakness, loss of libido, numbness / tingling, anemia & reproductive problems. Even healthy people will suffer from one or two of these during a lifetime (which would not indicate an infection), but if you can identify a good number that has been troubled and / or long term, then it may well indicate an infection of Candida . The particular symptoms I suffered from were insomnia, depression and general lack of energy.

Once Candida takes control in your body it is extremely difficult to eliminate completely, because it is astonishingly persistent, resilient, adaptive and cunning. The most important step you can take in the battle to control yeast overgrowth is to make lifestyle changes that incorporated a Candida diet. Eliminate the use of sugar in your life and reduce the amount of starches and simple carbohydrates. Switch to a balanced meal of healthy proteins, low carbohydrate vegetables and complex carbohydrates. If you have a sweet tooth like me then this is difficult but you have to starve the Candida.


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