Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast – 58 Tips For Weight Loss Success


There are hundreds of simple steps you can take to increase your weight loss success. Here are 58 of the best ways to get turn your body from flab to fab without selling your soul to the Gym.

  1. Make sure you're getting your rest days,
  2. Wait 20 minutes before taking a second helping of dinner,
  3. Start doing 50 squats, 3 times a day, to increase your fat burning and tighten your booty,
  4. Train for a reason – try a 5k fun run,
  5. Reduce your alcohol take – better yet, do not drink alcohol,
  6. Cut cheese out of your diet,
  7. Join the gym (and use it)
  8. Take a 30 minute walk every day,
  9. Increase your walk by 10 minutes,
  10. Walk up a hill,
  11. Ditch the remote control,
  12. Add nuts to your diet,
  13. Drink more water,
  14. Do not over train,
  15. Switch your cardio for weight training,
  16. Work out with a friend,
  17. Add chilli powder to your meals,
  18. Drink green tea instead of coffee,
  19. Snack on carrots and celery instead of a muesli bar or fruit,
  20. When eating out, have an entrée instead of a main,
  21. Change from full fat milk to 2% or fat free,
  22. Take up a new sport,
  23. Eat with your mouth closed and chew slowly,
  24. Never eat while rushing about or while doing anything else (reading, walking, talking)
  25. Make sure you're getting your daily take or fiber,
  26. Get support,
  27. Get educated about your diet,
  28. See your doctor, make sure you are healthy,
  29. Treat yourself kindly,
  30. Wean yourself off sugar in your coffee,
  31. Plan your meals in advance,
  32. Stick to your daily calorie allowance,
  33. Eat fish 3 times a week,
  34. Eat more vegetables,
  35. Eat with friends,
  36. Serve your meals on smaller plates,
  37. Choose tomato based sauces over cheese / cream sauces,
  38. Ask for salad dressing on the side,
  39. Drink coffee & tea without adding milk,
  40. Have avocado instead of butter on sandwiches,
  41. Eat slowly,
  42. Remember to rest – your body needs recovery time,
  43. Switch the TV off when you eat,
  44. Eat wholegrains wherever possible,
  45. Have 2 servings of fruit every day,
  46. Use good quality oils when cooking,
  47. Use an oil spray instead of a free pour,
  48. Swap deep fried potato chips for home made, oven cooked potato chips,
  49. Eat an apple 20 minutes before your lunch or dinner,
  50. Never hurry to eat a meal,
  51. Join a team,
  52. Keep a diary of everything you eat,
  53. Use an online diet program
  54. Write down your goals,
  55. Review your goals daily,
  56. Visualise yourself at your ideal weight,
  57. Relax! Take up meditation or yoga to combat daily stresses,
  58. Eat more natural food and avoid processed foods.


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