Healthy Cleanse With Juices


Your body is the temple in which you live. It is your home, your apartment and your condominium. Your home needs at the very least seasonal attention and occasional care. The plumbing may leak, the roof may need a shingle or two replaced, the garage may need a new opener. Such is the case with your body. Every activity and function your body performances is dependent upon the attention and care you give it.

The most important is the quality and type of food you eat. Good nutrition helps to regulate the body and rebuild the cell walls and tissues of major and minor organs. Constipation, lack of energy, colds, and persistent headaches are a way of the body telling you the roof, plumbing or garage may need to be fixed.

In order to fix these conditions in the body it is necessary to do a healthy cleanse of the entire system. Cleansing the body can be as simple as adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals or juicing for lunch. These simple diet changes will help to detox your body and promote a healthy cleanse.

Fruits provide the body with energy and sugar that the body craves. Therefore, fruit juices are known as cleansers of the body. Vegetable juices are the builders of the body. They contain amino acids, minerals, vitamin and enzymes needed to rebuild to body after serious injuries or illnesses.

Cleansing the body of undigested food and waste will help the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, in addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight. In fact, doing a health cleanser of the body will prevent the effects of toxemia and further colds and illnesses. Failure to cleanse the system can cause excess waste to build in the body causing bad breath, constipation, headaches, migraines oftentimes sickness and disease.

A healthy cleanses with a simple recipe of carrots and apples can help to improve intestinal and liver illnesses. Drinking about 16 oz of this juice will release toxins from the liver, which will eventually be passed through the pores of your skin. This means that the skin should turn slightly discolored while the cleansing process takes place. Do not be alarmed if your skin begins to look like it has a sun-tan, because the toxins from the liver have an orange tint when they are released through the pores of your skin.

In order to live a healthy, active lifestyle we need to cleanse with juices. Our diet needs to contain live nutrients and minerals like those found in fresh fruits and vegetables. When we eat and drink foods containing live nutrients they are absorbed by the human body at an alarming rate for the process of rebuilding the body and eliminating pain and illness caused by an improper diet. Every activity from walking, sleeping, running, and breathing your body performances is dependent upon the attention and care you give it. Incorporate a health cleanser with fresh fruit and vegetable juice to your diet once a month and you will not be sorry.


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