Find New Super Fruits and You Could Have a New Super Health Drink


Everyone is looking for the quick fix and shortcut to good health, so it's no wonder that a larger and larger section of our supermarkets drink wines are now being picked up with healthier drinks options. You can buy every fruit juice you can think of and you can now buy lots of your regular drinks with added vitamins and minerals. It's no wonder that we were going to get a higher end product health drinks coming onto the market to cater for the ever-growing health-conscious market.

When you leave the supermarket and head onto the Internet you will now be able to find these new super health drinks that contain ingredient lists as long as your arm. They tend to include special rare fruits and ingredients only found in rare and exotic locations that purport to cure or prevent almost every disease and aliment known to man. Whether they do cure everything that ails you or does not take away from the fact that these drinks are indeed super healthy.

These exotic health drinks contain all the nutritional requirements you will need for the day in one little shot of tasty fluid. Some of these drinks like the popular vemma, contain a fruit called mangosteen that is fairly expensive to import from the tropical climes but has some pretty astounding qualities that make it a big contender for the best super fruit out there.

Mangosteen is native to both Malaysia and Indonesia and grows slowly on tropical trees. The fruit itself ripens from green to a reddish pink. the reason the fruit is given its super fruit label is because it contains Xanthones that are a class of plant nutrients that are highly biologically active. The antioxidant properties of these xanthones are very potent indeed. Free radical oxygen molecules that attack our stable molecules are more strongly protected with antioxidants and so the more potent the antioxidants there are, the better the body is protected. In our modern world this is especially important as free radicals can occur from being exposed to pollution and the various chemicals generated from processed foods and any other impurities found in our environment.

The search continues for that perfect fruit that will give us every nutritional property that we need and essentially stall the aging process by giving us 100% protection against all those harmful free radicals. Mangosteen may be the best we found for the moment and may become part of a health drink you'll soon be finding on your supermarket shelves next to those cartons of ordinary orange juice. Which one will you choose?


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