Fast Diets to Lose Weight – Top 3 Fast Diets to Lose Weight Reviewed


In a world where new diets are created every day, it's hard to differentiate between the fads and the real diets that actually work. We want fast diets to lose weight. Instant gratification with as little input as possible. Do not worry, I get it. I felt that way, too. I tried over twenty diets before I found one that worked for me. If I were to recommend a fast diet to lose weight, these are the three I would suggest …

Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This diet uses a system called "calorie shifting". You basically eat meals that have different calorie values ​​and switch it up each day so so your body does not get used to the diet and you continue to lose weight. It's a great idea in theory, but the program does not come with a calorie guide to help you keep track of your meals. Without this, it's hard to know how many calories are in the foods you eat. If you do not keep track, you often end up gaining weight back! It's a solid plan, but lacks a few tools that are necessary to your success.

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. It has a really dumb name, but do not write it off yet! It actually has some very interesting information about why most of us have a hard time dieting. It claims that fat builds up around vital organs to prevent toxins from building up in it's place. It usually piles on around the midsection, thighs, and buttocks – you know, the kind of fat that is stubborn and hard to get rid of! The theory is that you can lose weight fast by flushing the toxins from your body so that it does not need as much fat. I tried this and lost around 12lbs, but gained back nearly half of it shortly after I discontinued the plan. It's a great idea, but does not provide any long term solutions for people who have a lot of weight to lose.

Strip That Fat. This is the diet that I have absolutely had the most success with. It involves eating more than three meals per day, usually between 5 or 6 meals, actually. This boosts the metabolism and causes you to lose weight faster than you would any other way. The secret to it is eating "special" foods that actually use more calories to burn off than they contain. Do not freak out, it's not weird food you've never heard of! It's common stuff like celery, strawberries, oranges and carrots. These are just a few of the foods that will burn off serious calories and help you lose weight fast ! In fact, there's at least thirty of them and they are not only cheap, but you can purchase them just about anywhere.

It comes with a calorie guide to help you keep track of how much you¡¯re eating and also has an awesome meal planner that allows you to personally create and tailor a diet specific to your needs, tastes and allergies, if that's a problem for you . There's over 40,000 meal combinations, so you will not get bored easily. I love this tool and use it all the time because it makes meal planning so easy. It even provides a shopping list so that you can just print it off and go. No waiting. No work. It does it all for you instantly, which is very convenient. Overall, Strip That Fat is one of the most complete and fast diets to lose weight.

If you're like me and sick of worrying about what you can or can not eat on a diet and want to spend more time actually enjoying your meals, then Strip That Fat is the perfect diet to show you how.


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