Dieting Done Right, How To Diet


I am sure you have tried many forms of dieting, from this one to that one. They all seem so great and yet they all seem to good to be true. From this celebrity to that one they all seem so skinny. What are they really doing to keep all those pounds off?

Well, a very strict diet ?, however they are still able to eat all the foods they really want too and so can you. You have to know how to loose weight to really loose it in the first place.

Everyone is different and no one sure fire way helps everyone loose weight. Trust me I have been there but now 67 pounds later I live a better life. I first had to learn the true reason why I was gaining weight. Once I learned that I was able to shed the pounds away forever.

I went through a whole lot of trial and error but I was able to learn how dieting done right could change my life forever.

What did I do, well just some of the steps that I took were walking every morning for 30 mins. I also started eating three times a day breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes I would not eat at all until night time where I would load up my stomach so much I felt like I was going to pop.

One step to loose weight.

You must exercise, at least 15 minutes a day this increases blood flow which is great for losing weight

Stay away from white bread, or anything in the ingredients that says ENRICHED, this is bad

Stay away from processed foods

No fried food

Avoiding sitting for extended periods of time

These are some tips to follow

That's the thing you must regulate your meals but most of all you must have the knowledge to do so …

Dieting done right- How to diet


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