Diet Tips For Acne Sufferers


There are literally thousands of different ideas about diet and how it affects acne. I am not here to talk about every obscure theory on diet or extreme diet change. I am going to try to give you general tips on diet and how it can help you battle your acne problem.

Water is probably the most important part of your diet in helping prevent acne. The good thing is that it is also the easiest. Drinking enough water is a vital aspect of general health, and part of this helps acne. The theory is that water helps regulate digestive system by cleansing out toxins that contribute to acne. You should drink 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water a day. This is just a starting point. Depending on how much you exercise and how hot it is where you live, you could drink more. Drinking water should not like taking medicine, just have a water bottle, or drink water with meals, or drink some water whenever you pass a water fountain. This is so easy. Drink a lot of water and you will help reduce your acne.

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements
This is a big part of diet and acne, and personally what I think is the most helpful in reducing acne, are vitamins and dietary supplements. An important thing to realize about vitamins and dietary supplements is that they will not usually cure acne, but they can be very helpful in reducing acne or reducing redness.

1. Fish Oil- Fish oil is a widely popular dietary supplements. What people have found is that besides other health effects, fish oil has been found to significantly reduce acne. I am not sure exactly how fish oil works, but it is proven to be a anti-inflammatory, meaning it will if nothing else reduce acne redness. Also, fish oil is known to improve concentration. The bottom line is many people find fish oil helps with acne, and there is no downside to taking it minus the price, so try this out.

2. Zinc-Zinc is a mineral that has proven to be helpful in preventing acne. It regulates hormones, reducing the incidence of acne. Try it out.

3. Vitamin A Vitamin A is known as a key vitamin for healthy skin. People say that it helps with acne, like fish oil and almost all vitamins, it might not help you but there is no downside in trying it.

4. Vitamin E E Vitamin E is very important in skin healing. Some people use it on the surface of the skin for healing / moisturizing, but it is also known to be helpful in reducing acne when taken as a dietary supplement.

5. Vitamin B, C- May help prevent acne, they are not mentioned as much as the above supplements.

Foods to Avoid and Foods That Help
There is a lot a talk about food groups and how they affect acne. I am not going to go deeply into these groups, but I will tell you the general consensus about food groups.


Fatty Foods
Dairy Products

Foods that may help:

Pretty much foods that contain the vitamins above.

Food Allergies
This is a harder topic to talk on. This is not a general problem, but a specific problem. Some peoples acne may be caused by a food allergy. To really find out if this is a problem for you, you have to systematically cut out parts of your diet and see how that affects your acne. I personally do not think food allergies is a major cause of acne, but it is something to consider.


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