Diet and Weight Loss Plans – Effective Plans For Losing Weight


Before we make any plans, you have to promise me that you will do the following:

1. Drink a lot of water (personally, i tried drinking 4 bottles of 0.5 liters of water – 2 liters).
The reason being is that the water washes off all the remains that had not been flushed down for ages in your intestines. You will see the effect in abut 5 days.

2. Sleep 4 hours after eating.
Or if you ate at night, do not fall sleep for the next four hours. This is important! I know that you have probably learned in middle school, "even when you are asleep, your body still works and exercises". This is absolutely true, but your body certainly does not exercise as much as when you are awake. Also, if you sleep right after you eat, you will lose your beautiful figure even if you are not fat, because fat tends to concentrate on your abdomen area in that case.

3. Do not stop eating.
This is a mistake that a lot of people on a diet make. YOU HAVE TO EAT !!!!!! otherwise, you will experience the yoyo phenomena, more certainly! So please eat, but eat healthy. It is better to have 6 small meals than 2 big meals. So spread your meals through the whole day (till 4 hours before you sleep, of course, wink).

4. Try to walk as much as possible, and talk as much as possible when you are with your friends. Every little movements you make counts to waste your calorie, energy, and body fat.

Let's say, these four points are 'every day plans' that you have to follow every day for 60 days. If you keep on doing that after the 60 days, it would be even better.


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