Diet and Weight Loss Plan – Eating Healthy to Maintain Weight


A great diet and weight loss plan should promote healthy eating to achieve or maintain a desired weight. Typical fad diets that promise rapid and unrealistic weight loss are rarely followed for any length of time because they are not sustainable. Also, an extreme diet that jeopardizes health to maintain weight is a poor trade off.

New diet and weight management plans are constantly appearing and usually promise something revolutionary to help lose weight. One of the best healthy eating programs uses a common sense approach and suggests eating real food in its simple form to get great results.

Healthy eating involves following a plan that provides a balanced and nutritious diet. This type of diet is sustainable because it promotes eating foods that are easy to find and not too expensive to buy. Recipes that are not hard to prepare and actually taste good provide additional incentive to stick with the program.

Another advantage of following a healthy eating plan is not being hungry all of the time. Eating real food and getting results is eating well. A diet plan that offers satisfying meals will be more successful than one that starves to get results.

A knowledgeable diet and weight loss plan will make changes gradually over a period of time. Phasing out specific foods will result in sustained weight management, increased energy and a more positive self image. Feeling and looking good boosts self confidence. As these benefits become more evident they provide additional reasons to follow the plan.


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