Diet Advice – How to Lose Weight Tips


We all search for the magic formula for how to lose weight. Tips are given, attempted short term or rejected out of hand and the weight stays on. The frustration lingers.

If you are ready to take quality diet advice on how to lose weight fast or even slowly, you have to give the diet and exercise tips you are offered a chance to succeed.

This means you have to put some time and effort into how to lose weight. Tips are useless if they are ignored or not followed correctly. Weight loss is simple, but you have to really want it.

Many many overweight people get into the habit of complaining bitterly that they have tried everything and still can not lose weight. They find themselves desperate to lose weight. The panic and stress is palpable.

So, my first piece of priceless diet advice is – stop panicking. It does not help. Panic and self made stress actually create a situation wherey you are more likely to be in a "make or break" mode of operation and are doomed to fat loss failure.

You choose to panic. Notice how panic has not worked for you? That it just gets you stirred up and cranky and frustrated? Yes?

That's because panic is an exhausting fight / flight emotion that stops your brain from being logical about your fat fueled problem.

Now choose to stop panicking and think. Let's be logical about this.

Weight gain creeps up as thigh and hip and belly fat. It is layered on slowly and relentlessly till eventually we notice we're fat. This fat gain does not happen from one day to the next.

We can not possibly expect excess body fat to melt off in a few short days when it took so long to pack it on. But we do expect this miracle falling off of the fat layers and when it does not happen automatically overnight, we panic.

If you are prepared to suspend your panic and frustration as well as your thoroughly modern need for instant gratification, here are some great how to lose weight tips.

1. Make an eating and exercise plan that can work and that you can be happy to commit to. In order to do this effectively, you have to become as informed as possible about healthy diet and effective exercise programs.

2. Give yourself a reasonable time in which to complete your weight loss. Aim for a target within your healthy weight range and aim to lose around 1/3 to 1/2 kilogram per week. While you may not consider this to be how to lose weight fast, it's a lot faster and more permanent weight loss than what you are doing now, is not it?

3. Be strict with yourself, but also forgiving. You have to commit to these how to lose weight tips in order for them to work. If you make a show of being on a diet and fibbing to yourself about the frequency and intensity of your exercise, then you will never lose weight, no matter how much you moan about it.

Work a cheat meal into your weight loss program. Not a double fistful of salted peanuts every few hours that your brain conveniently jokes about, but a totally planned for and acceptable cheat meal once a week that you can enjoy with nothing but without guilt.

So my exercise and diet advice to you is that you make a plan to eat right and exercise regularly, allot yourself the reasonable time that this life changing enterprise prepares and makes a commitment to achieving your goals.

These how to lose weight tips will work well for you if you are prepared to accept them.


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