Daniel Craig’s Diet and Workout Tips – How to Get James Bond’s Body in 4 Weeks Flat!


Daniel Craig flaunts a great physique. His six pack abs, broad shoulders, well built thighs and an excellent toned butt makes him an apt choice for a James Bond movie. He is tipped to be in great shape for his latest release, The Quantum of Solace. To attain a suave and a well sculpted look like him you must devote a lot time towards workouts, consume supplements, take proper rest and follow a healthy diet.

Workout Regime – Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig took a 5 day split training plan to shape his body for the movie, Casino Royale. His trainer, Simon Waterson says that he concentrated on a different muscle group daily. He even consumed high proteins and supplements like whey and casein for muscle gain.

His workout Session begins with bodyweight workouts like dips, squats, push ups etc. Weight training exercises like incline bench press, incline press ups, hamstring curls, deadlifts are very important to shape your shoulders, thighs and chest. He even practiced power training and plyometric workouts to get the perfect James Bond body. Cardio exercises like swimming, running and bicycling must be done after heavy workouts to relax muscles.

Diet Plan

Nutrition is very important to gain muscles. Low fat diet and high protein is often preferred for boasting of a well built body like Daniel Craig. One must take foods that contain high fiber like vegetables and fruits, lean meats, turkey, duck, fishes etc in your diet. It’s necessary to add protein supplements to your diet so that energy levels are maintained in your body.

To embellish your performance while working out, you need a lot of strength and endurance that could be attained by the consumption of Nitric Oxide. It helps your body to pump muscles as it supplies lots of water and oxygen to the muscles. It also reduces the recovery time and hence treats the problem of joint pains and injuries. Nitric oxide prevents diseases like heart attacks, cancer and diabetes that could prove fatal. It acts as an agent against aging by producing the anti aging hormones and motivates fat loss.


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