Common Diet Myths That You Must Be Aware Of


1. Not eating carbohydrates can make you lose weight fast. That is a myth. What makes you gain weight are the calories that you take in. You can eat a lot and watch the calories that the food contain. In this way, you can control your weight gain. The best thing is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fast food menus and junk foods as well as sodas because they contain a high amount of calorie which can destroy your diet.

2. No need to diet if you do not look fat. What determines whether you are overweight or underweight is your BMI. You may not look fat but you can be overweight when you compute your BMI.

3. Do not mind what you eat as long as you exercise. To remain healthy, there must always be a balance in everything. The result of exercising will cancel out if you still do not mind what you are eating. Poor eating habits can lead to many diseases and later on, death.

4. Exercise hard to lose weight. Again, this is another myth. Simple brisk walking can already make you lose weight. When you exercise, make sure that you like it. You can simply set aside half an hour for your exercise.

5. Sore muscles mean that you did quite a workout. Again, this is not true. Feeling that you muscles are sore means that you had too much workout and probably started out the wrong way.

6. If you are a smoker, stopping an unhealthy lifestyle will make you gain weight. This is not a fact. Some people who stop smoking may or may not gain weight. There are also some people who lose weight when they stop smoking. Although nicotine can speed up metabolism, its effect is actually minimal.

7. Low-fat and fat-free food can make you lose weight. These labels on food products does not mean that the food is free from calorie. If you want to really lose some weight, you should check the amount of calories that you are taking.

These are just some of the diet myths that you may have encountered along the way. The best way to lose weight is still proper, healthy diet and exercise. It is not good to starve yourself just so you lose all that extra pounds. Following an unhealthy diet regimen will only cost you a lot of money and unnecessary expenses because you will get sick. If you want to shed off some of those pounds, do it the healthy way.


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