Coconut Water – Nature's Health Drink


In times when we take every possible measure to ensure a healthy living, coconut water can prove to be a great way to hydrate our bodies. This natural drink is extracted from raw coconuts and is ideal for consumption by people from all age groups. This natural drink is 99% free from fat making it one of the healthiest drinks there are. It offers low carbohydrates and sugar with no cholesterol making it an obvious choice over drinks such as processed milk, orange juice, and needless to mention the soft drinks available in the market today.
Here are a few benefits that coconut oil offer over its closest rivals:

Whole milk – Coconut drink scores over whole milk due to less fat content and no cholesterol, two derivatives found in excess in whole milk

Orange juice – Although it's a wonderful drink, orange juice loses the bet due to the high level of calories found in it. On the other hand, coconut drinks offers very low calories.

Processed Baby milk – Most manufacturers claim processed baby milk to be ideal for babies; however, even here coconut water takes the title for Lauric acid, an essential constituent of mother's milk.
Sports energy drinks – Coconut water offers higher level of potassium and less sodium than most of the sports drinks available the market, giving it a clear edge over the latter.

Besides offering a better option for drinks than its rivals, coconut water is naturally sterile so you do not need to worry about it being contaminated or adulterated. It is a great option for replenishing your body's liquids after a hard day's work or exercise in the gym. It is ideal for people living in hot and humid areas as it works wonder at regulating the person's body temperature and keeps it cool. Other benefits offered by this natural drink include better metabolism, body detoxification, digestive track cleansing, control diabetes, and many more. You can easily find coconut water by a trusted name in the business such as Garden of Life from any reputed online store.


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