Champion Juicer Review: Making Health Drinks


Do you drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice every day? Perhaps you make these yourself. Some of you may prefer to visit a juice bar. Even though the cost of a juice is not all that much, about $ 5, it soon adds up. That is why getting your own juicing appliance might be the more convenient option. You are then able to make fruit and vegetable drinks any time you choose.

We can give our bodies such a health boost simply by making a great tasting fruit and vegetable drink each day. Of course it is best if we mix up the types of juices that we drink or even combine a range of ingredients in one drink. Some of my favorites include, carrot, orange and ginger juice; and apple, spinach and ginger juice. Adding a bit of ginger to the mix is ​​a good way to get extra flavor in there. The nutrients that we can get from this type of health drink keep our bodies in great shape and provide the quality nutrition that we require to feel and operate at our best on a daily basis.

What type of juicer should we get? This really depends upon whether you already have a juicer and are looking for a replacement or you are not one of these appliances and want to get into a healthier lifestyle. My suggestions are different depending upon which category you are in.

For those of you that currently make your own fruit and vegetable juices, what sort of juicer do you have? I imagine many of you are like me and chose a centrifugal juicer as your first purchase. If this is the case then now might be a good time to look into masticating juicers such as the Omega J8003 and the Champion juicer. Both of these machines can do roughly the same sort of juicing tasks, the cost about the same amount of money and the even look similar. Masticating juicers cope with leafy green vegetables better than centrifugal machines so they can help you increase the nutrition coming from this sort of ingredient.

If you are yet to purchase your first juicer then perhaps the Omega and Champion masticating machines are less than optimum at this time. This is because they take longer to make juices than centrifugal machines.

Regardless of what type of machine you end up getting, I would suggest that the important thing is to start or continue juicing for health.


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