Burning Calories to Lose Weight


Everyone knows that burning calories is the key to losing weight. Not many people know exactly how to burn the most calories each day. Most people think exercising is the best way to lose weight but they are overlooking an element of weight loss that is 4 times more important than exercising: your diet.

What you eat accounts for 80% of weight loss. This means that choosing a great eating program is actually 4 times as important as exercising in the gym or on the local track. With that said, most people overlook their diet and just concentrate on the exercising. This is a mistake that does not allow most people to lose weight and regardless the bodies they desire.

The big change in your diet will not be so much what you eat but when you eat it. Eating 3 big meals during the day is not the smartest decision when you are trying to lose weight. It slows down your metabolism and does not allow you to digest food as easily. Since your body is overworking, it requires more energy and you are left feeling tired and lazy.

Eating 5 smaller meals during the day will help the body function properly. You will digest food much easier and burn more calories than you did eating three big meals. You will even burn calories while you sleep.

The final hurdle to get over is starting today. Most people procrastinate and this only hurts themselves. Once you find a great eating program you will enjoy the process. You will continue to eat what you like and lose more weight than you thought possible.


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