Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill – The New Patner For Your Program Weight Loss


Main Information:

I am going to identify this machine the 7 for that sake of ease of reading.

It weighs about 185 pounds. It is very light for the treadmill of this caliber. It can be folded. I did fold this machine because Bowflex claims that these have what they call a SoftDrop tools. I have the same opinion that this works. After I folded it I just pushed it slowly and also the deck went gliding to the floor delicately. I've never seen this.

It measures 83 inches long by 35 inches high by 55 inches high (approximately) which is a fairly typical size.

You will get a superb guarantee by the 7. You'll get 15 years for those frame; 10 years for the motor; 2 years for parts and electronics and 1 year for labor.

What I found especially remarkable was learning that there's no maximum user weight. That is not unheard of. But what I never hear of is that the warranty is good provided someone over 300 pounds does not use it. So though they do not say there's a utmost user weight essentially there is. That's a mean number. To get into the higher numbers you will probably have to spend more money.

The belt is 60 inches long by 20 inches wide. I am extra worried while using the length because I do not like hitting the front of treadmills. This is a nice long surface. Twenty inches is good. You do not require anything less than 17 inches wide.

You'll now find treadmills with absorption system names for their belts. A few call them Flex Deck Shock Absorption System just to call one. Bowflex calls theirs Strike Zone. I do not run but I do power walk. I used to be very happy on the 7's deck. The deck felt firm when I lifted my feet but soft, then put my feet down. Once an hour my ankles did not hurt; my toes were not numb and my joints and back were just fine.

You'll have a 3.0 horsepower motor. Again this is not the highest you'll find but in this price range it's over adequate.

The 7 is really a quiet, well built machine. It's sturdy despite its weight.

I discovered sensors from the handlebars under the console to monitor my heart rate. It also is included with a chest strap so I did not have to adopt my hands off the surface rails or put them on the sensors.

There are a couple of integrated water bottle holders and also a magazine rack.

The console:

I believe the console for the 7 could be very pretty. It's large. I discovered a fan with three speeds- low, medium and high. The system seemed angled back a lot more than others. It seemed that unless you're very short the fan will hit you. Two speeds is very regular number.

The console showed me my time, calories, calories per hour, distance, pace, segment time, incline and heart rate. (Segment Time showed the outstanding time in the program I was using.)

The 7 has certainly one of my favorite features- quick keys.

QuickSpeed ​​allowed me to improve my speed or decrease it directly. I did not have got to push the incline or decline button for all tenth of your mile per hour more quickly that I would like to run or for each amount of prejudice I desire to walk. If I will be walking at 3 miles an hour and wish to go to 4 rather than pressing the up arrow, which is what is usually done, I just press 4 but it at once jumped to 4. The keys are on all sides of the console. The QuickIncline keys did similar except for the extent of incline I wanted.

The engine goes from 1.5 to 11 mph and inclines from 0 to 12% – enough for just about anyone.

This machine has 15 workout programs and two heart rate applications. It also offers something I have never seen before as a body max index program.

Among the programs relating to the 7 include a fat burn heart rate, cardio, running, hill and interval.

I'm gonna briefly go through one of the programs. Since the BMI (body max index) is so unusual I'll inform you how it worked. It is not a fitness test or either a program but a calculation to show ultimate weight range for the height. BMI was a huge deal a couple of years ago. People thought it a useful tool showing the connection between weight and height and that is of body fat. However we've got since seen that the quantity could be very inaccurate. You may weigh 145 pounds and be 5 feet 3 inches tall. Your BMI would explain you have too much body fat since it would grant you a part that's high. However it does not take muscle into consideration. If you are older you could have lost muscle mass but be thin. Nose to nose you can pinch a complete lot more than an an in. however the calculation will show your BMI to be alright. So take all this which includes a grain of salt. Finally I was curious so I tried it.

I hit the power button and entered my weight. I then adjusted it using the arrow keys to the right weight and strike enter. I hit the keypad awaiting I got on the BMI program and hit enter. I then entered my height and hit enter and I got my ultimate BMI. Such as an aside I had a physical another day and my health care provider check my BMI (I used to be fine.). It is a new health practitioner for me. My previous primary care physician did not use this index.

My thoughts:

You'll discover cheaper equipment which I've reviewed by ProForm most of which I've given high marks and are one quarter the price. I am not comparing this machine toward those. It looks like the quality of Nautilus equipment is excellent as is the warranty. I want to mention that I do not believe you can find anything regarding the 300 pound weight limit for those warranty written down. You possibly can either take my word or should you be over 300 pounds and wish to buy this check before you do.

The machine is light and personally will present significantly better in case you are on the other side of 300. The programs are great. Its an easy to use and understand machine and it's attractive. It folds and unfolds easily. You will not get an adjustable deck like you might on the LifeFitness machine but you moremore may not be spending $ 5,000. Five stars.

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