Bottled Water – The Health Drink


Water is the best health drink. It is the base of all drinks. Every living being needs it and every living cell has some amount of it. A man must drink around two quarts of it daily for good health. The most important thing is that the water you drink should be pure. If the water you drink is contaminated it will bring disease with it.

Water is the vehicle which takes all nutrients to the various parts of the body. At the same time, when the food material taken to the various parts of the body is oxidized in body cells to produce energy, some heat is generated. Water in the blood brings the heat up to the skin and allows it to be taken out of the body by the evaporating sweat.

To supply the necessary fluids to the body you must drink fresh drinking water. Although some decades back drinking from a stream could make no harm, with the increase of human activity the waterways started getting polluted. As such now no one can drink from streams. To solve the drinking water problem many companies started bottling bottling it. These bottled water brands are producing their products following some industry standards.

The drinking water for bottling has to be colorless and odorless. It should be free from harmful bacteria. They are normally packed in transparent plastic containers. To make sure that the it is free from harmful bacteria, the manufacturing process of most brands include ultraviolet units through which the water is sent. This kills all the harmful bacteria in it.

Governing bodies who are responsible for the proper oversight of bottled water production facilities keep vigil by testing samples periodically. In case it is not up to the standards, corrective action will be taken without delay.


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