Acai Drink – A Great Help in Your Pounds Fight Containing Acai Berries Extract


There are many options for weight loss and although they claim to be new many of them are not. Take Oprah's Acai berry diet drink, for example, while this is a great option for weight loss, there are others and here you will see a far better option that is less expensive and has proof of effectiveness.

Many people know that Acai berry juice has been around for years. These so-called "super foods" may contain many highly beneficial ingredients for the body including weight loss properties but they are very expensive and some are generally over-hyped such as Acai.

Some of the advantages of Acai berry are that it contains high level of antioxidants, various nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This is actually considered relative considering how much of the juice you need to drink in order to obtain the body's daily requirements. Upon inspection you will see that this will not be a cheap undertaking.

You will need to drink the shakes every day with a fiber based shake in order to ingest the proper amount of supplement needed for weight loss. It does not make you lose the weight; it purely adds the nutrients that you are going to be lacking if you are under a diet plan.

Although this supplement is effective in helping to rid the body of the toxins that can be preventing you from losing the weight that you need to lose, this is a very expensive process. A 30 day supply will cost you around $ 40 – $ 50. Many claim that the best weight loss program is a healthy diet with regular exercise.

There are also claims that utilizing Master Cleanse you can get the same weight loss benefits as Acai berry in a much more cost effective way. You will lose the weight permanently and many have claimed to have lost 5 to 15 pound in a week while going through the cleansing phase. So while Acai berry can be a very good supplement, losing weight can be obtained in many other effective manners and products or programs.


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