5 Reasons Why You Need to Lose Weight


Between the 1940's and 1970's being over weight was never an issue for Americans, we ate appropriate portions, just enough to live, we walked everywhere, worked hard and had built in routine exercises. Then we did not need to lose weight. Then around the 70's we entered into a fast food revolution. After 1970 everything began to go down hill. We were eating less healthy and became a sedentary society and raised our children the same way. We went from the healthiest nation to the most obese nation. Today the majority of Men, Women and Children need to lose weight. Obesity has become an epidemic.

It really should be quite obvious why we as a nation need to lose weight but just in case someone is not sure, here are 5 valid reasons:

1. More intolerable to what I call the big three diseases:

Cardiovascular Disease-Heart Disease Diabetes-Pancreas malfunction Cancer-Bad cells that destroy good cells Studies have shown that individuals who are overweight are several times more likely to struggle with one or all of the above diseases. They show up in unhealthy bodies which are usually a result of eating too much fat, sugar, starches, poor lifestyle and family history.

2. Suffer with High Blood Pressure:

This is a common symptom that exists when one is overweight. High Blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Your blood pressure should read around 120/80 to be normal. If that upper number, systolic, is above 130 your blood vessels are beginning to work too hard and there could be some damage.

3. Always Tired:

Sometimes you get tired of being sick and tired. Remember you are carrying a lot of weight around every minute of the day. Think about if you were given a 30-50lb bag of corn or wheat to carry around, how heavy that would be. That is what you are doing daily. Your body gets tired, your knees get tired, your feet get tired, you whole body gets tired.

4. Inconvenience and Embarrassment:

This is probably the touchier subject of them all, because society is not designed for or catered to accommodateate overweight individuals; Traveling-Some Airlines have decided to charge all overweight passengers extra because they have determine they not only take up two seats but smaller passengers are complaining about being uncomfortable when they have to sit right next to them. And other Airlines just simply do not have large enough seats. Seating at Events / Shows / etc. When you want to go to theaters, museums, amusement parks, weddings, etc anywhere that have traditional size seating you will not be able to participate or if you do participate you suffer a high level of discomfort and embarrassment. Most public seating is not conducive to large bodies. Unfortunately American businesses are not sensitive to the need to be more accommodating.

5. Decreases your quality of life:

Being overweight decrees your quality of life because of how you feel physically, what your body must end and how emotionally happy you may be. Listed are a few quality of life issues: You may find yourself always on the side lines when your family is involved in any physical activities. People may not treat you fairly because of your weight. They may judge you on how you look versus allowing you the opportunity to prove your value and worth. Because of your weight you are suffering from chronic illnesses or one or more diseases and probably on medication. Being sick robs you of a feeling of wellbeing and healthiness. And usually, unless you are a unique type of person, when you feel bad all the time, you are usually not a happy person either.

Even though there are many other reasons to lose weight I have just touched the surface by listing a few. Become proactive today and change your lifestyle to lose some weight. You will be happy with the benefits it will bring to your life. Do not delay.

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