10 Killer Tips to Guarantee Success With Your Quick Weight Loss Plan


Millions of people all over the world are currently searching for a quick weight loss plan so that they may enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Since no two people are the same, there is no "ones size fits all" solution to this problem. Indeed, the amount of success you may have with a particular weight loss plan is very much dependent upon a number of different factors, such as your individual body type, metabolic rate and level of self discipline. It therefore follows that, what works well for one individual may not be as successful for another. There are, however certain guidelines that, if followed diligently, can significantly increase your chances of reaching your goal. Given below are 10 top tips that you should include as part of your overall weight loss plan:

1. Make sure you drink enough water. You should be drinking about 6 – 8 medium sized glasses of water each day. The best thing here is that water is completely calorie free and will help to suppress your appetite and flush out toxins. Also, make sure that you drink a glass of water before eating each meal, this way you will begin to feel full before you have started to eat.

2. Eat your breakfast within 1 hour of waking. Do not allow yourself to become hungry before you sit down to breakfast, as this is the most important meal of the day and enables your body to charge itself with energy before the day begins.

3. Avoid sweetened, fizzy drinks. This is one of the best ways to reduce your overall daily calorie intake by several hundred calories and also has the benefit of reducing tooth decay. If you do enjoy a fizzy drink with your meal, then switch to the sugar free variety – many of these now taste just as good (or even better) as the sugar-loaded versions, so you should have no excuses for continuing to drink sugary beverages.

4. Set fixed times to have meals and make sure you stick to them. This will enable you to establish regular eating patterns and help to decrease constant snacking.

5. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals has the opposite effect of what you want – you should have 4 meals a day at regular intervals.

6. Get out of the routine of eating chocolates. You can instead use chocolates and sweets as a reward (in moderation) for reaching you weekly goal of weight loss or calorie consumption.

7. Set a daily and weekly limit on the number of calories that you consume. If you have exceeded your limit by the end of the week, then be sure to engage in some physical activity to restore the balance.

8. Cut down on alcohol. Beer and various sweet alcoholic beverages can be extremely fattening, and although other drinks contain alcohol may be low in calories, becoming inoxicated will inevitably lead to a weakening of self discipline.

9. Replace all red meat with white meat. Choose things like chicken and fish instead of beef or pork.

10. Bake food in the oven instead of frying in a pan. This is one way in which you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods by simply preparing them in a healthier way.


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